I Love A Difficult Alpha Wolf

Wild Country - Anne Bishop

This spin off from The Others places us in a recovering town. One the Elders are watching, and judging to see if there is any reason to cleanse their lands. This is dark side, after the great tearing, ripping and cleansing. There is distrust, dislike and hate, around every edge in this world, building a new community will be harder. They learned.
I think I have a thing for cranky werewolves. I loved Simon in The Others and now Virgil, both cranky, possessive, protective alpha males. While they have that in common they are very different wolves. Virgil is the head of the law in this new town and Jane is his unwanted human deputy. The rest of the town is made up of various Other's and surrounded by Elders. When a request to take in more humans comes, not all the humans are good ones.
If you enjoyed the first series you will love this one.