A Well Written Romance With a Para-Twist

Touch of Smoke - Karissa Laurel

An intelligent romance with a paranormal twist and wonderful well developed characters. A romance, with characters that I couldn't help but love. Owen, he's ex military, looking to settle down in a small town after a long tour. He meets a local girl Rikki, a hard working goal orientated woman, with dreams beyond the town. They click, a romance begins but that is only a small part of the story. Nothing was predictable, the plot, the characters, the outcome. 

What a ride ! The story was a slow build, the author laying crumbs along a twisted and unexpected road. Oh the feels, I had them all. I speculated through the whole book and I didn't figure out what the mystery was till it was handed to me. Seriously, I read a lot, it's hard to find fresh and new twists, this one surprised me.  I was sad to see it end, I wanted more of these characters, their story their love. I have read this author's work before and am a fan, she topped her previous work with this one. This is her best work so far. Bravo Ms. Laurel. 

This would make a fabulous movie !