A Great Character Driven Zombie Read

Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

Zombie fun and games, but the games aren't fun. Excellent zombie tale of truths, lies, mistakes, abuse, control and revenge. There are some men that are just evil, and they aren't zombies.
The dead have control of the world. The living are living in fear, hidden behind walls, willing to just exist to be safe. The past has forever scared them. The new generation, the ones they didn't live through the first night of the zombie rising are itching to know what's out there, or at least the truth of what happened. When a town bully turns deadly, events drive the, out beyond and what they find there will bring on many more questions.
I really enjoyed this zombie tale. It wasn't as gore centered as a few of my other zombie reads are. I don't really notice the characters were so well developed.- Now waiting on book 2