I couldn't Get Past The Heroine To Love it

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Spoilers ! you have been warned
I usually love this author's stories but this one was rounded off to meh. One, the heroine character felt forced to me. She, had a past love, her first love who she rattles on about ad nauseam through the story. Two, She was this trained for her whole life woman warrior on patrol for these dangerous Fae and yet she acted without thought many times. Three, Tink ? Really she is a super badass with a little horny sidekick named Tink ? I've read that before. Four, the super devotion of Ren after just a few feels and O's ? it's didn't make sense with all her past love mental rehashing his more experienced life and their lack of time together. Why did this gorgeous guy fall insta love for this prickly chick ? I never got that. Five, all the members of this protection group were so distant, there was no feeling of connection between them, the author wrote about them meeting and knowing each other but telling it didn't work for me, I never believed it. Six, Her BFF Val. She was there she did stuff, shocking stuff but I didn't care because I never got to know her. I wasn't surprised, don't know why they were so close, and never really saw it. Seven, Our MC, the big badass fae killer never asked Tink any questions about information that could be a life or death deal ? I feel like such a whiny complainer. The story didn't click together like I'd expected from JLA.
I'll read the next one, the world and story held my interest and I have hope that the characters will develop more in the next books.