It Is Really Such A simple Thing

Get To Be Happy: Stories and Secrets to Loving the Sh*t Out Of Life - Joe Larkins

Happiness is such a simple thing and so hard for many of us to obtain for any length of time. Walk into any book store and amount of self help, feel good books will overwhelm you. I have read many of them, and found most unrealistic for me in their often complicated approach. I want more happiness, but I does it have to be so difficult ? I saw this book and after having a very hard year decided to pick up yet another book and see if it could help guide me out of my darkness. I read it, something stuck, and it was so simple.
K.I.S.S.! Really the author's steps to being happy follow that rule. Simple gratitude, and a shift in wording can make all the difference. I started changing my I have to, or I need to, to "I get to" after the first few pages. it changed my day, week and now month.. That is the basic lesson, change your wording, it changes your thoughts, which changes your view which changes the world around you. There are no complicated journals to keep, no lists, no speeches in the mirror, just a change in a simple basic wording. The people around you feed off your energy, positive energies breeds more positive. The author tell a very interesting story about his journey in life so far that demonstrates how his simple patterns worked for him.
I found this book simply amazing, rewarding and eyeopening. I like the simple, direct language and directions. it worked for me, perhaps it will work for you.