Wait What That's The End ? Noooooooooooooooo

Lord of Shadows - Cassandra Clare

Lets do this backwards- the end
It's all fun and games till somebody goes nutters and swings a sword ! What happened ? I think my mind passed out there for a few moments. Somebody hold me upright because I am in shock. Where did that turn come from. Holy smokes. What, where, how did that happen ? Deep breathing required during those last 20 minutes, and some smelling salts. 
The book was a slow start for me but quickly picked up. Oh there is drama- Emma and Jewels have some feelings that are a big no no in their society. One of the institute's most trusted friend betrays them. Fairy lets one go, with a barbed leash attached. A painful secret is shared with an unlikely source. Thugs from long ago are unleashed. The dead return to life ? Are you getting the idea it's a whirlwind, but the ending is a tsunami.
Excellent narration, excellent story. I'm off to download book #3- oh great it's not out for 9 months ?! Ugg the suffering begins