Rugger Love

Just For Now - Rosalind  James

Rugby romance YES YES YES you betcha I grabbed it

Does rugby excite me much, yes it does. The game is invigorating and the men are smoking hot- bonus ! Finn the main character an an All Black, is perfect example. he's tall, hot, smart, lovable, and a family man. Did I mention he's an All Black ? < fans self > Well his family is a bit broken and he needs a nanny for a short while. The nanny he find is a 29 year old teacher who is looking for a simple break from real life to get herself back on her feet before moving on to a new job and location. Her life and heart are a bit broken as well. The first meeting goes way off the mark, Oi does it. Great kids draw her back to the job, he even has great kids ! Snark, sparks and sweet moments fill the pages. How can I not love a romance of two great people healing their wounds ?
I am buying the rest of this series