Southern Horror In the Graveyard

The Sinner (The Graveyard Queen) - Amanda Stevens

Memento Mori, remember to die.
Graveyard restoration has never been so dark and creepy. Bring your flashlight, security blanket and a big dog. Trust no one, believe nothing and expect the worst, you are entering the Amelia Grey Zone.
Secret societies, both evil and dangerous surround her. Scarifies, murders and so much more, slowly circle around Amelia. They could be anywhere, be anyone, and they are always watching for someone like her, powerful. She has little control, even of her own mind. Reality is questionable, her emotions may not her own. Her heart is broken and going to be crushed

Working in a new graveyard she takes a walk into the wood when called by something where she finds an moron caged grave. Mortsafes, cages out keep out or to keep in ? It’s a horrific though other way, but one that Amelia must ponder.
This fid starts her on a journey through the dark history of the area one that will change her life forever.
There are a few new players in the graveyard one is the handsome and mysterious
Detective Lucian Kendrick, the local law, he’s intense, handsome, and gives Amelia tingles of desire. He is more, than just a regular man, he can see and feel things. Amalia feels a connection, hopes for something she has never had, but is still in love with her past and fears everyone. I admit I was team Kendrick. Devlin ,well you know what he did if you’ve read the series.

The infamous Darius Goodwine, is back and he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Yeh, I had to use that line. He seeps into her mind alters her reality, to the point she’s not sure what is really happening an what is his doing

I had one serious question, where did the kitten end up ? Oh I have a lot more questions then that but it was a kitten ! So is Devlin really a jerk ? Will the promise to help fid the keep be kept ? Will these societies be outed ? I hope Ms. Stevens is at home writing the next book right now. I am ready for it. The book ending was fantastic, ending with a right hook POW BAM POW. I loved it, loved the book. It was just right for this reader. Add this to your halloween reading list !