Magic Stars  -  Ilona Andrews

Derek has a staring role in his own series ! Sweet beautiful Derek scarred and nearly lost forever has gotten most of his mojo back and has taken on a new role. He is Kate's wolf and he is on the path of a killer. He runs into Julie, sweet 16 and full of magic she's not really supposed to know or practice, but hey, she is a teenager. She has been a sneak, sneak, sneaking that all I going to say. Weird that it is that just ran into each other it turns out to be a very good thing. They are wonderful teamed up, each filling in for the others weakness.
When Something really bad happens Derek goes all super commando wolfie, he is wicked good at what he does but the past is still shadowing him.

There are some juicy tidbits you do not want to miss, no you don't ! I can't tell you, you will have to find out on your own. I can tell you you will be screaming for the next book in the series when you finish.