The Long Walk of Experience

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail - Bernadette Dunne, Cheryl Strayed


Audiobook: (fantastic narration)
Cheryl's life is messed up, her mother died quickly form cancer, her marriage ended, and her drug abuse has reached a new, "never going to do level". She has issues blackening her soul, unresolved feelings, untouched goals and nowhere to go. One day she see's a book on The Pacific Crest Trail and ends up buying it. This book is the beginning of an adventure that will set her on path that will try to kill her. She buys her gear, loads up her monster pack and nearly falls over from the weight.This is how it is for her the whole trail never easy, always a challenge but never without a reward.
Her trek takes her 1100 miles. 1110 mile mostly alone, unprepared and unrealistic. Her blisters got blisters, disasters come at her, her gear fails, but she doesn't quit, comes close but keeps going. She meets people from all walks of life, most good, a couple not so great, shares stories, food and companionship. She learns about herself, deals with some of her inner muck, lets much of it go, accepts what is left. What she gains most is......
Read the book it is more than the movie.
I seem to be on a memoir binge. I loved this one too. I couldn't relate to her problems much she has issues I've never had to face. I could relate to her need to do this difficult thing, to find herself on the trails. I loved the people she met, the difficulties she had on the trail and her guts to keep going.