Twisted Love Triangle With Beasties

Empire of Night - Kelley Armstrong

Betrayals, beasties, ghosts, political plays, and a love triangle.
If you have not read book 1 you must before you you read this one you will be lost.
It was an intense edition to the series. Moria is really put through hard times and suffers awhile trying to find the children taken from her destroyed village. She is used as a pawn. Tyrus and her are labeled as traitors and Asyln and her must be separated.
First let's get to the triangle. I do enjoy a well played triangle with two good choices each having specials bits to offer. Who wouldn't want two gorgeous men to pick from ?Moria with Tyrus or Gavril ? The last book I was Rah Rah **Team Gavril** till that thing happened, I was left with my mouth hanging open and a serious case of the doubts. He was really the one for her, right ? I though so till the book where we get to know the fabulously-sexy and steamy kisser Prince Tyrus. I am so fickle, I know. Tyrus, is kind, he listens, he observes, he respects, and he likes Moria for who she is, and he's a prince. So now I'm Rah Rah **Team Tyrus** I want Tyrus to win the girl ! I think.
So what happened to the children from the girls village in book one ? We still don't know. There were traps set lies told and they are still gone. What was Gavril's reason for what he did ? We still don't know. This was the only part of the story that left me a bit pissy. He had chances to reveal his reasoning, but he was cut off or he skirted the truth till it was too late to tell it. REALLY ??!?!?! Lack of ability to share your information just makes me angry. At this point I just wanted Gavril to be bad and go away.
Ashlyn and Ronan are still held to gather by the feelings that either will discuss or even consider. Ronan, puts his life on the line for her and she is willing to risk her safety for his happiness. He reveals a secret about his families position that is heartbreaking. I hope he gets his wish I would love to see these two end up together.
The ending ?!?!?!?!??!?!??! Ms. Armstrong I have enough gray hairs already take it easy on the cliffhanger endings ! Holy tied knots what and ending.
Where is book 3 ? How long must I suffer ?A