Burned - Karen Marie Moning

Holy Hot Strawberry Sauce ! I did not see that coming ! Or that ?! This was a transformation story, a story of a world fractured, people corrupted, new truths and all of them are hard to accept. I loved it. It had a different feel from the previous books which suited the time line well, I thought. I have more questions I need the next book.


Poor Mac, she had a had time. She lost her sister, her home, her world, her trust, her friendship and now she may loose herself. Watching her go through the suffering of self doubt, massive changes, wicked temptation whispering powerful promises and her inability to act was heartbreaking. She was a wanted, needed woman, she held power and was respected for a short time, now she is sent to the sidelines. Oh the adjustments the crushing defeat weigh so heavy on this girl. She is becoming something else. Should she fear it ?



Dani, she is more Mega, she ran off and didn't come back the same. We learn some more about her, heart wrenching truths. I am saddened to see her transformation but excited to see where she goes now.


Barrons and Ryoden, two massive powers shed some secrets or do they ? With them it's really hard to tell if it is real or planned. Sneaky sexy and all Alpha. I can't believe they are_______. Wow. Were there more ?



Lor, horn dog plus. What a ride he had going. He pulled, thrust and twisted his little secret all the way to the end line. LOL His trip to another woman towards the end has me wondering if he has found his anchor.
Christian, omgawd. Omgawd and Omgawd


The ending, Had KMM ever let one be easy ? No. I'm here hanging off the cliff, sweating with anticipation.