Gore Guts and Guns

The Reapers Are the Angels - Alden Bell

4.4 stars
Quick and dirty-Bloody, Gore Filled, Putrid, Rotting, flesh eating zombie story all centered around a fifteen year old survivor. (Not a YA read)
This is what I want in zombies, disgusting stinky hungry monsters. There is not a moment of doubt that these nasties want to eat, rip and kill all living meat. Beware, the descriptions can turn your stomach they are so detailed and visual, this is some great writing. I loved that they had some confusion but no humanity let in them. There was just a touch of memory left but not enough to make you feel sorry for them.
Temple is 15, and has seen too much of this world to have mush hope of seeing much more. She never knew the before zombie life, this is normal for her. Death is expected, so she keeps to herself so she doesn't have to deal with another painful lose. She had a young brother, by blood maybe not but she was keeping him till one slip in time, and he was gone. When a chance comes to have a place to stay, maybe to belong someplace, her dreams take a little peek at what could be. Too bad that this life is not available for dreams of hope. Her hope ended and now she runs. Temple is strong, resourceful, and realistic, believable.
Not a happy story, no romance, no sexy heroes with crossbows. There is nudity, sex, drugs, cannibals, body parts flying.... Not for the squeamish This is a fantastic horror suspense read. I would love to see this made into a movie.