Houston's Royal Family Now All Hooked Up

Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises, #4) - Lisa Kleypas

I love the Travis family. They are Houston royalty, rich, sexy powerful and the sweetest people you'd ever meet.  Shadows have followed them, their past has not been a bunch of yellow roses. I've enjoyed watching them all find the light that chases those dark bits back in the corner where they belong, and I will miss them now that they are done.

Joe, the young rebel Travis, who set his own path, one that Daddy didn't approve of has finally found his match. Avery, the red headed spit fire wedding planner with her own troop of shadows tumbles into his life. Together these two are fire and ice. She has issues, Daddy issues, past relationship issues, and self esteem issues. While he has come to terms with many of his in the last few books, Avery will be a challenge while she works through hers. She wants him she doesn't believe he wants her, doesn't believe it could works......Joe the dream guy never falters, never turns his back, never manipulates, and he helps out at and animal rescue. Damn Hot is what he is ! 

There are several side stories going on. Her sister will have to deal with her Mommy issues and find that that guy who is all vinegar may be sweet after all. There are clients with secrets that are just ugly. There is the cutest little rescue that has a dry tongue. Let us not forget about her business, it goes through some crazy adventures too. The final few pages where filled with puppies, this brought tears to my eyes. He used puppies !

I really liked the book although it was more of an Avery book than a Joe book. I admit I did want more Joe, who wouldn't he's perfection in boots.

I didn't love it as much as previous books in the series. Avery was a great character but I didn't get the feeling of their first connection. I didn't get the emotional connection that drew him to her. It was just there suddenly and his character took on an accessory  to Avery approach to me. I would have love to hear his point of view to connect the two personalities.