Not The Kung Fu Slapstick I expected

Coffee And Kung Fu - Lisa Lelas, Karen Brichoux

This was a thinker, a reflection pool into our why some of us do the things we do. I was not expecting that. Honestly, I don't know what I expected I bought this for the cover and back cover, it mentioned Jackie Chan and Kung Fu movies. I guess I expected a slap stick movie kind of feel to it. I really enjoyed it, I was glued to the pages, I wanted to see her wake up and live. It was very therapeutic There were many moments where I wanted to teak her ear and tell her to smell the coffee more. Dang it was better than Dr Phil or Oprah. 


When she is sitting in an abortion clinic with someone she looks around at all the women i the room and wonders.

"How many of them are paying for being lonely?"


Sad moment of clarity, how much we alter our own needs just to not be alone.


"Even if it's illogical, I go through life as if the people I love were Planning on living forever. As if they had a choice. I skip along my merry way, confident that when I need them, they'll be there. Most people do this. Unless forced  to by illness or necessity, the human being shies away from living with the constant reminder of death,....."


Nicci,  is a young woman out in the world trying to find her place. She is following the rules set by society all the shoulds, but it's not quiet fitting. She is the piece that doesn't have the right bend to fit in just so. So she stumbles, but never falls. Go Nicci.