Rumor Has It  - Jill Shalvis

Attending you Bff's wedding should always have this kind of outcome


Kate was doing it all for her leftover family. Her mother died in a car accident and her father checked out mentally leaving her to raise her sister, brother and her dad, while trying to maintain a full time teaching job and maybe a life. The life part always come last, there was just too much to do. When she faced her girlhood crush at her Bff's wedding she decided she needed a little happiness even if it was only for the night
Griffen was back from his military duty, back to the town he ran from asap. Back but not whole, he was the victim of a IED. His head suffered some trauma leaving him with severe migraines. When he suffers and intense one he finds relief from his sisters BFF Kate. One of the women who is off his menu per his sister. He struggles to stay away but her gentleness and comfort bring him slowly back to the small town he may not hate as much as he remembered.

They have their one night and then another but something is coming to throw some ugly shadows on these two. Truth, lies, fear and love.

Don't worry there is a HEA