Had Good Elements But Missed My Mark


Beginning it Scotland 1718 Dylan is a young impatient assassin being forced to wait for his services to be needed. Danu the Mother of all, appeared to him and showed him a vision of something he instantly wanted it was also like nothing he’d seen before. A great and wondrous challenge would be in his future. It centered around a beautiful woman he must first find in time, then he must face his truth to prevent world wide chaos if he fails. Not much pressure right ? Fast forward 300 years to our time and our sexy immortal assassin is finally called to action when the vision’s time has finally come and oh dear, she is a carrier of something very wicked. Danu, shows up again and reveals that he must find the truth or he must sacrifice to save the world. No easy choices here. On top of all that this woman gives him feelings, feelings suffocate and confuse the mind, and he doesn’t have time for that.
Kennedy Jefferson woke up confused, in a hospital, muddled memories and lost time haunt her. Her family has a history of mental unstableness and she fears she is heading to the looney bin herself. She is acting abnormal, losing time and clings to her BFF Ethan, for comfort. While leaving the hospital she comes face to face with the most striking man with burning green eyes. Yes, it’s hubba hubba time. He is here for her, but why and what for ?
Ethan, her BFF is not the simpleton Dylan thinks he is. He has his own brand of secret mojo powers and knows Dylan as a top assassin. His mojo is nothing compared the the Druid Powers but I think there is a lot more hidden. His part is small but I have to say he is the BFF every girl wants in her corner.
Gareth, is a sexy Irishman, second in command to Dylan. He is tan, muscled, honey colored hair with light blue eyes surrounded by laugh lines. He dresses in faded jeans and cream colored sweaters. Oh thud goes my heart, it’s the look that this reader LOVES. He also serves up a wicked Irish coffee that will kick you into orbit if you don’t watch out. He’s a young sexy flirt who just happens to be a deadly Druid assassin.
There are other side characters that fit in well with the story. Dylan’s father who reminded me of Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker. Rowan the dark stoic strong type of man who watched and remained steady through all the drama. I have high hopes for this guy. He is a smoking hot man waiting to jump on his own story. I like a difficult introvert character.
There was a lot going on in this story. I would have loved to see more of the secondary characters, they intrigued me more than the main characters. The story, myths and possible future events were fascinating. Unfortunately Kennedy, the main female character was not someone I’d like to visit again. She was the only piece of the story I didn’t care for. Sadly she was a major player and irked me to the end. I was confused when she gained important knowledge that she hadn’t had a few pages earlier. I’m guessing it was from her moments of blanks that she suffered, but it was never mentioned and felt very choppy. She was unbelievable to me and lacked that something that made the other characters stories complete and easy to identify with. She was uninteresting for the same reason. I have read this authors work before an have loved it, this one just wasn’t for me. I hope you’ll give it a try and judge for yourself. Let me know your impressions I love to discuss different opinions.