Fantastic Holistic Guide With Benefits

Whole-Pet Healing: A Heart-to-Heart Guide to Connecting with and Caring for Your Animal Companion - Dennis W. Thomas

“Holism is the belief that any system can be best understood when it is viewed as a whole instead of as the sum of it’s parts.” This unfortunately is not the way we practice of healing methods. Everything is connected and should be treated as being separate. “Holism doesn’t discount the scientific method. It just says that the scientific method is looking at the world through a straw.”
Energy, all our cells are made of energy, we are energy. When a section of energy is disrupted it causes an imbalance. Remove the obstruction and you restore the balance. There are many different paths to removing this imbalance, some as simple as perception, some more complicated. Pets will mirror their environment, the emotional energy is shared with their caretakers. Stressed owners will lead to stressed pets. It’s all about balance and you can’t balance one part without balancing the whole or something will remain off.
Diet, and nutrition are discussed, for all stages of you animals life. He directs the caretaker to various diets and the affects they can have on the system. I found this extremely enlightening.
The author discuss the different techniques in detail and various ways of combining them along with western medicine. He applies these holistic practices in his daily veterinary office. There are too many different philosophies to review here, the author does a fabulous job at explaining them and his knowledge of them.
I really loved this book, it validated what I have always believed. Since I was a child I’ve known everything is energy and energy is forever. I never lost this belief and couldn’t believe my luck when I started reading this book. I wanted to read it for my beloved dog, who was damaged by his heart worm & flea treatments. I was grasping for something I could do that would improve his quality of life. I wanted something that took into account that every action has a reaction. I found it here, in these pages. There is just as much knowledge to be learned about our own systems as well as our pets. I did not get to see the charts included in my review copy it was noted that there were many to help direct your techniques. This is the most detailed introduction to Holism I’ve come across. I would recommend it to all animal caretakers. I am purchasing several copies for friends who run rescue groups.