A Modern Cowboy Second Chance Story

A Cowboy Returns - Kelli Ireland

4.5 stars
Quick and dirty- Lost loves find second chances in more ways than one.

I really loved this sexy romance with a twist of cowboy. The relationship was very believable and had just the right amount of drama. Yes, there is a HEA, a wonderful one. The journey is a long winding road with squeals of laughter, tears of heartbreak, ego poking, wounds that never healed, and one hell of a strong woman with a dog. Can't forget the dog, Brisket, he steals several scenes as any good dog would.

Eli Covington, the eldest of three is living his dream. He is an attorney for a law firm, making money, buying expensive pleasures. He got away from the ranch that held him captive in it's judgmental grasp. His father who always wanted more of him has passed and now he must face returning to the homestead to file probate papers. His confidence wavers as he heads into town only to be snubbed by the locals who resent him for leaving. Wile driving his POS rental car to the ranch he runs a light and hits the one person he wanted to avoid most of all.


Reagan Mathews is not the girl Eli left behind 14 years ago. She is now a Dr. of Veterinary Medicine and a widow. She has had plenty of hard times, sad days and stolen dreams, and is not willing to suffer anymore. When tragedy falls upon the Covington Ranch she does not fail to do her job, even if it means being near the man who was the star of one of her shattered dreams. She is smart, self aware and secure in herself, and takes no gruff from anyone.


Ty and Cade Covington, are the brothers who stayed and worked the farm. They are sexy cowboys, built from years of hard physical labor and hours of sale time. One has a chip on his shoulder the other has sex appeal oozing from his pores. Together they made a testosterone fun zone. (these boys will take your heart) I hear they will have their own books !!!!


I had to pull a few quotes I just loved from the book-

I was laughing, okay so I was snort laughing at this quote when a hot shot cowboy lands in the dirt
"....But my nuts are so damn traumatized they've entered the Witness Protection Program and are passing as acorns."

Or when one of the guys had to dress for success and arse kissing, a comment on his extreme desire to be seen as more
"I gathered as much when you buffed and polished your balls before dressing"

another one I loved came from a female character at the end of here with the family fighting over water under the bridge.
"... If i can work with him, so can you. So, stop being so self-righteously pissed off over a history that can't be changed and grow a big boy pair that'll get you through this."