Lifelike Reality with a Paranormal Twist

Unfinished Business - Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

" I'd like to have an IV of caffeine inserted into my wrist it it were socially acceptable. Actually, forget socially acceptable. I'd do it even if it weren't. Coffee for me was like sex to a twenty-year-old man- never too much and never too often."

Sold me with that quote at 4% into the book. I really liked these characters, they were not the normal young desperate or young and powerful they were the average middle class struggling family with teenage drama, marriage issues, elderly parents and life. Angela, is a wife who loves her husband, who has a teenage daughter with issues, and young son,  a best friend, a sick father and the ghost of her dead mother to deal with. The story dealt with so many real life issues it was almost therapeutic. Her mother had just passed and just moments after she saw her as a ghost. The way the author dealt with the traumas of life made them almost doable. Who wouldn't want more time with a loved one ? There is also has a very close friend, one that shares a friendship that is wonderful. Her husband is the love of her life and their relationship is solid. I don't normally get to read books where the family is okay, strong even. I was always looking for the cheat, the lie, the backstabbing, but it wasn't there.

Angela has lost her mother, but not all the way. Her ghost is there and shows herself to a couple others. Angela finds out that this might not be her first encounter after some secrets are revealed. Her mother and her work together to safe guard her daughter when some very serious dangers are revealed. The whole family works together, believes in each other.

All this sounds very drama filled doesn't it ? It isn't, there is humor spread all over the book and it is hilarious. I spit my coffee when Saquash did his swings run down he street. You have to read it. :D  

I enjoyed it and jumped into book 2 right away.