Too Much Repetition

Bite the Biscuit (A Barkery & Biscuits Mystery) - Linda O. Johnston

Veterinary Technician Carrie Kennersly, loves animals, loves. working with them and being around them. While she loves her job the dream of owning her own business is a dream that she is realizing with the purchase of a bakery which she plans on splitting up to make half a bakery for 4 legged clients. Sadly, there is a sour puss in town that wishes her doom in her new business. She does it publicly, loud and proud and then turns up cold and dead. Then when it’s found out that a bakery treat was next to her body guess who their number one suspect is ? The detectives come in and the hunt for the truth starts.
I loved the idea of the story, but several excessive actions rubbed me the wrong way. The main character washed her hands so many times, and told us about hygiene for her human clients, over and over. She was overly safety conscious the story would stop so she could tie her dog up, talking about the steps she took to keep him from running out in the street. Hugging, she hugged Biscuit, she went back to hug Biscuit goodbye, she couldn’t wait to hug Biscuit. Okay enough already. I had too many eye roll moments to fully enjoy the story.Yes, all great things but this story was not the place for safe dog preaching which is what it felt like. If only the author would have held back this would have been a much better read.
The mystery was fun the characters interesting the excessive detailing ruined the flow for me. I can’t recommend this book.