Cormac Has Two Auras

Low Midnight (Kitty Norville) - Carrie Vaughn

Yes finally Cormac got his book, and it was good to see so much of him. The bits and pieces I normally got of him in earlier books never sated the appetite. This book was 85% Cormac and the rest bits of Kitty, Ben, Amelia, and some others I didn't bother to remember their names.

It was a slow start, with a shocking ending cliffhanger that will make the next book boom ready to go off. The pacing was a much slower then most of these stories but I was not disappointed just off, he is a different person now.

I missed the old Cormac in this, he has mellowed out of necessity but he lost some of his shine. There was a lot of thinking, planning, and inner turmoil which was not the Cormac I had grown to love. This Cormac was fresh out of prison, straddled with a magical hurricane, grounded, unarmed, and lacking direction. His insecurities were showing and it made both of us unhappy. He did get some time to blow things up thankfully or I don't think he would have stayed sane.

If you read the series you don't want to miss this one there is a pivotal moment towards the end that will shock you into the next book.