Too Much Talking Not Enough Action For My Taste

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

Audiobook.  I had a real hard time trying to figure out how I felt about this story.

What I didn't like came up first. There was too much talking, along with too much walking across a dull terrain with very limited unique items. Topping that was a snotty plastic princess who spends more than 1/2 the book putting on the ugly mask of superiority. I didn't like her, didn't want her to live, didn't care of the spooks took her. She did finally show some redeeming qualities in the last 30 %, too late. The man who was to be the hero was so badly treated by society I was revolted by his kindness. Both of them where unbelievable in their actions. The final end not he really good part of the story was too brief and unsatisfying. 


What I did like, the idea of the planet being tera-formed and the mystery behind the Whisperers. I wanted more of their story. When we got to the stronger visions I started to get excited about the prospect of the What if theories. Oh the places it could go, but didn't.


I liked the last 30%.